Few days ago, I got a surprise call from my secondary school  mate (name withheld). He got my number from my facebook account and we chatted for a few minutes to know whats up with each other. He then quickly chipped in his purpose for  calling. The Conversation goes thus:

FRIEND: Guy shebi na multimedia company you dey work? Abeg una dey do photography?
ME: Yes na, ToyBoy Studio
FRIEND: Abeg how much una dey charge?
ME: E depend on the event una wan do
FRIEND: E dey reach 100k?
ME: Yes na. sometimes e dey pass, sometimes e dey pass sef.
FRIEND: buy why na? when photo for my street dey charge 150 per copy who go dey patronize una?

Apparently, he is about getting married and complained of the huge list of expenses. He only needed a genuine reason for why he should hire a photographer that will charge up to N100, 000 instead of a regular photographer that charges 150 per copy? Here’s a summary of what I explained to him. Continue reading..

Photography has gone beyond taking shots just for the purpose of collecting money. Professional taken photos (and video documentation) are your only way to hold memories intact.


Professional photographers tell stories of your event using pictures, and these pictures are delivered & packaged such that you can have it for decades and it stays intact.

There is a difference in picture quality. A professional photographer invests a fortune in getting a high quality camera that captures what a regular camera can NEVER capture.

A lot of time is spent in post production which took years of training to acquire. Post production brings out that professional seal to your pictures for that wow feeling you deserve.

Besides these, when you compare the financial cost, when you do the calculation; for a regular photographer that charges 150 per copy, printing 1000 photos will already cost N150, 000 and you will not have the opportunity to select the pictures of your choice.

They hardly go the extra mile for you to capture from a special  angle. Professional photographers like ToyBoy Studio will roll on the ground, bend till his back breaks, climb whatever he needs to climb just to capture that moment


And guess what, we will snap thousands of photos just to make sure the most perfect moments are captured.

It’s a moment that never comes twice and we don’t joke with it. A professional multimedia brand is all you need to document all your special memories to give you that long lasting reflection of a successful day.


Whenever you think video and photography… think ToyBoy Studio. Call us today on: +2348094964417 or +2348028281192 or simply CLICK HERE to drop a message and we shall be more than happy to discuss with you on adding value to your special events.

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