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NEW POST: That Event You Will Never Forget

Just sit and think for a minute about what makes you happy the most. Our perception to people, places and events vary, everyone has different experiences, different hobbies, and different pleasures. But no matter what rocks your boat we can all relate to universal feeling of pure, unconstrained joy.

The kind of joy feeling that runs through you when you hear one of your favourite songs. The kind of joy you get from embracing your crush for the first time, and being embraced in return. The kind of joy we all strive to feel as often as possible.

It was at a recent wedding ceremony I got the chance to notice this joy from an outside perspective. I witnessed joy almost physically radiating from the faces and bodies of the bride and groom. Joy so obvious and so contagious that it consumed the environment and every single person present, including guests, ushers, caterers, and even all four man crew of TBS Multimedia.

Imagine what happens when you visit a lonely old woman, and hand her stacks of Naira notes; a joyful face coupled with rains of prayer is what you get in return. That’s what the new couple got from everyone present at their wedding ceremony. This was just one of the fortunate Saturday events TBS Multimedia was privileged to cover.

It was a toned ceremony compared to the typical ceremonial wedding known for most westerners. The wedding took place at a primary school play ground, they invited exactly 60 of their closest friends and family, and for 4 hours, the host and their special guests enjoyed an evening of music, laughter, dancing and celebration.

As usual, our TBS staff showed up with two dslr camera, a backdrop, a bag of assembly tools and four of our talented, hard working videographers. We kept to our 15 minute early arrival timing and guests were still scattered in small groups. It was since then we took to work recording the special moments.

Even at this time before the event was in full swing, that referenced “joy” was already beginning to take place. The few guests present were all smiles dressed in their most alluring native attire. The deejay was right on point playing Iyawo mi by timi dakolo and some other cool music that sings love into your soul. All these amidst the beauty of the moment and the well decorated tables and chairs were the start of a magical afternoon.

As the venue filled up you see the glaring “joy” feeling in the faces of every single guest. They were there to celebrate with someone they love and every bit of it was recorded in video by TBS Multimedia

I was able to stand back and relax for a moment and take in the scene before me. Personally, the hours preceding this party had made for the start of a somewhat stressful day, but once I was enveloped in this crowd, all those feelings melted away, and I felt lucky to be a witness to the “joy” that was in front of me. Even from the mouths of outsiders looking on, I kept hearing, “This is so much fun.”


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