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NEW POST: How Much Does A Film Editor Make?

We all know how powerful a judge is in a court hearing, after days or even months of discussion, argument, deliberation, the judge is the alpha of every case. S/he decides what the outcome of a case is. This is also the case when it comes to motion pictures and TV programs; the final form of the film is in the hands of the editor.

Metaphorically speaking, a film editor is the Judge in motion pictures and TV programs. It is this individual that combines recorded scenes to tell the complete story and thus, has the power to determine the final outcome of every film.

Ironically, film editors do not have much recognition like that given to actors and directors. They play the don role in the movie industry. This in its own gives them the luxury of a private life while rolling in millions of Naira.

Here in Lagos, to edit a complete home movie, the cheapest bargain you can get from an independent film editor is Two Hundred Thousand Naira. Interestingly, their clients stick with them for years as long as they keep doing a good job.

Typically, the volume of contracts that come in for film editors get them an average annual income of Three to Ten million Naira but that is still meager compared to how much effort they have put in to get to where they are.

Film editing is not a career people jump in to, all professional editors actually did start with some schooling to learn about the industry and the technology used in film editing. Beyond that, they need to have gained practical experience to be trusted with big jobs. They practically worked their way up.

Movie editors have to know the art, the business and the technology of film making. One way to get started is to attend a FREE FILM EDITING WORKSHOP that highlights and practically explains what you will go through to become a professional film editor. There you will also be briefed on the business aspect of
editing and even be offered internship that allows you edit real movies produced by ToyBoy Studio. The internship helps you build a video resume of your work.

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