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Do TBS Partner?

Yes, TBS is opened to partnership that supports mutual business growth and development. We are ready to collaborate with you and your business in attaining milestones of remarkable achievements. Talk to us today and let us move together to the next level.

What is ToyBoy Studio turn around time?

TBS ensures delivery to time based on project estimated duration. We work sleepless night to making sure deadlines are met if not surpassed. Customer satisfaction is always our compensation and that is why our team will work tirelessly to deliver quality to time for all our customers.

Is ToyBoy Studio Limited to a particular type of video?

TBS is not limited at all to a genre of video production. We offer production for all. Our productions cuts across all genre. That is why we say….whenever You Think Video…. Think ToyBoy Studio. A visit to our work page will give you ideas of what we are capable of doing.

Is ToyBoy Studio into Photography?

Our unique strength of combined experts in video and photography makes us a one stop solution brand for your video and photography productions. We offer you top notch photography services that meet your need. A click on our photo gallery will suggest to you what we can create for you when it comes to photo solutions.

How much does a video production cost?

Video productions do not have a fixed price tag. A production can be likened to building a house. Cost of production is often dependent on the peculiarity and complexity of your video type.

TBS will however sit with you to get the details of your production and ensure you get the best at an affordable pricing that will suit your budget and plans.

How Affordable is TBS?

ToyBoy Studio being a brand that attaches so much value to growth and relationship remains very committed to working within our clients’ budget in delivering the best of service without creating a hole to their pockets.

What kind of videos do TBS produce?

ToyBoy Studio produces all kinds of videos from single camera shoot to the multi camera and multi crew shoot for companies and individuals world over. Quality per excellence is our watch word in delivering productions that supersedes your expectations. You can refer to our service page and gallery for the different kind of videos we can produce for you

What is ToyBoy Studio About?

TBS is about best of quality video and photography production for the corporate, social and individual world.

Why the name ToyBoy Studio?

The brand TBS actually began with the initiative of a boy in his room always playing with a camera, recording family members and friends acting funny. For every time he wants to start up his recording he says he wants to go get his Toy. The boy who happens to be the C.E.O today was then referred to by friend’s and families as the ToyBoy. Today, our production gargets are seen as toys we play with in putting smiles on the faces of businesses and individuals’ world over and our team is the boy playing with the Toy.

Get Best Services from Our Business.