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The Brain Field Event Centre at Igando Alimosho was brought alive on October 4th 2015 , when Frank’onero storm the venue with his friends to thrill the people of the area to an exciting  Four hour of non stop comedy  and scintillating music . The show featured great comedians of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and some Nigerian star and upcoming musicians. Seyi Law, Man Of God aka Akpors, Destalker, Joel Amani and up coming artistes like Mr. Legendlee just to mention a few.….. all gave a good account of themselves on the day as they dished out full flesh entertainment to the people of Igando. ToyBoy Studio was there […]

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Memorable events are thoughts that should be cherished for a very long time after the events are long gone. What really makes it as fresh as always in our mind remains the professional documentation of these events. Videos being one of the best ways of preserving our special moments, should at all times give us a feeling of how exactly the day was by providing a sharp crisp visuals of the event with a clean audio blend that makes us relate with the event as though it is happening all over again. The quality of video for events most times determines the number of time you would want to watch […]

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Just sit and think for a minute about what makes you happy the most. Our perception to people, places and events vary, everyone has different experiences, different hobbies, and different pleasures. But no matter what rocks your boat we can all relate to universal feeling of pure, unconstrained joy. The kind of joy feeling that runs through you when you hear one of your favourite songs. The kind of joy you get from embracing your crush for the first time, and being embraced in return. The kind of joy we all strive to feel as often as possible. It was at a recent wedding ceremony I got the chance to […]

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We all know how powerful a judge is in a court hearing, after days or even months of discussion, argument, deliberation, the judge is the alpha of every case. S/he decides what the outcome of a case is. This is also the case when it comes to motion pictures and TV programs; the final form of the film is in the hands of the editor. Metaphorically speaking, a film editor is the Judge in motion pictures and TV programs. It is this individual that combines recorded scenes to tell the complete story and thus, has the power to determine the final outcome of every film. Ironically, film editors do not […]

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One thing I would really wish to learn is how not to shout back at crazy Lagos drivers. When they drive stupid and still rain insults on an innocent soul. The Okada and NAPEP riders are another case of their own; their curses most times get me thinking of a better place to live. To get far from disorderliness and chaos, I simply imagine myself at some of the beautiful chill out places in Lagos. Some I’ve visited and some I look forward to visiting. Thinking of fun places in Lagos, places like Whispering Palms in Badagry, our Leisure Lake and water Parks, Terra Kulture, any of our beautiful cinemas, […]

NEW POST: Work Hard, Play Hard


Here at ToyBoy Multimedia, asides the company activities that bring together a dedicated and hard working perfectionist team, we all also share a similar orientation to work hard and play hard. It is for this reason that we hold our annual retreat in one of the resort centers around the world. This year 2015, toyboy studio along with its sister company InstaForex Nigeria ( decided to visit Dubai, United Arab Emirates for this year’s annual retreat, just our way of achieving work life balance   . Without further writing, enjoy the sights. WATCH VIDEO BELOW:



A few weeks ago, Diamond bank held auditions for the fourth season of its annual contest for entrepreneurs – Building Entrepreneurs Today 4. 50 entrepreneurs will benefit from an all expense paid program to unlock the entrepreneur potentials in them and the best 5 will win growth capital of N3 million each. Though it’s closed, there is one vital thing I got from the recently closed Diamond Bank’s BET (Building Entrepreneurs Today) contest for N3million grant is that creating viral videos is one of the greatest tools for promoting your business. In all the ways they could get entrepreneurs to send their business idea, they chose videos, and this is […]



Few days ago, I got a surprise call from my secondary school  mate (name withheld). He got my number from my facebook account and we chatted for a few minutes to know whats up with each other. He then quickly chipped in his purpose for  calling. The Conversation goes thus: FRIEND: Guy shebi na multimedia company you dey work? Abeg una dey do photography? ME: Yes na, ToyBoy Studio FRIEND: Abeg how much una dey charge? ME: E depend on the event una wan do FRIEND: E dey reach 100k? ME: Yes na. sometimes e dey pass, sometimes e dey pass sef. FRIEND: buy why na? when photo for my […]

Pa Shonekan’s 80th Pre-Birthday PhotoShoot with Family



When popular Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke posted about his bottled water on the internet: I wonder what he actually wanted to do about it. This is a typical scenario of “talk is cheap” Our favourite superstar is obviously falling into one of the most challenging issues faced by many businesses – getting the attention of your potential customers and influencing their position towards taking your desired action (to purchase your product/service) Some businesses have still not gotten the drift, they are yet to understand that having the best product is no longer the criteria, having the best communication is. Unfortunately, these businesses have spent all their money on R&D, only […]

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