When popular Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke posted about his bottled water on the internet:


I wonder what he actually wanted to do about it. This is a typical scenario of “talk is cheap”
Our favourite superstar is obviously falling into one of the most challenging issues faced by many businesses – getting the attention of your potential customers and influencing their position towards taking your desired action (to purchase your product/service)
Some businesses have still not gotten the drift, they are yet to understand that having the best product is no longer the criteria, having the best communication is. Unfortunately, these businesses have spent all their money on R&D, only to be left with the biggest nightmare of their lives – customers don’t care.
For a fact, your potential customers will not:

• Visit your office
• Type your company name over a search engine
• Call your service/support line

They will not do any of these, except you reach to them in an appealing manner.
Imagine an interesting video representation of all Jim Iyke’s claim about his water business. Imagine the video in a very interesting manner that matches your imagination. This will definitely do the magic and attract millions of people to start searching for his water brand.
View an example of a perfect video for viral marketing by a company called MetLife titled “My dad’s story”: Dream for My Child

The genius in this video is in the mass appeal. They have perfectly tapped into some of the most rooted human emotions. I cannot stress enough the importance of playing to people’s emotions when creating videos. It’s result generated 8.4 million views in the last month.

So what would you rather want Cheap talk with no marketing impact a viral video that generates millions of views?

If you know of any wonderful viral video and would like to share with us, kindly drop its link in the comment below. You can also reach out to toyboy studio to discuss how to shoot a marketing video that will boost your product/service marketing.

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